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Work Packages

Operation actions and activities for a final goal of successful commercialisation of TankRob are organized into seven independent but interactive work packages (WPs), which are demonstrated as follows.

Tank Rob Work Packages

WP1: Commercial version finalization

To finalise the TankRob system by optimising the mechanical and hardware design to obtaining ATEX zone-0 certification and to implement the final GUI version.

WP2: Software fine-tuning

To optimise the TankRob algorithms regarding UT data analysis and defect recognition as well as robotic motion control for use with revised hardware.

WP3: System Certification

To certify TankRob according to international quality control standards.

WP4: System validation and demonstration

To verify the performance of the commercial TankRob product in operational environment.

WP5: Dissemination, advertising and commercialization

To promote and increase market update of the TankRob system, to protect the relevant IPR and to ensure that the action results are broadcasted appropriately.

WP6: Pre-launch preparation

To optimise business processes in order to establish successful launch and to develop strong customer engagement so as to ensure wide adoption.

WP7: Consortium Management

To organize and review the technical, administrative and financial activities and to ensure smooth progress in alignment with the predefined timeline.