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Over the course of two weeks in September, the TankRob project was presented to several key stakeholders in an exciting promotional roadshow across Northern Europe, organised by SPRINT Robotics.

The roadshow targeted some of the largest operational facilities, refineries, chemical processing plants and corporate offices in Europe; presenting a great opportunity to meet potential end-users of the game changing TankRob robot application. It also provided a platform to discuss ways towards increased safety and asset integrity globally with large infrastructure asset owners and industry players.

Whilst on the road, project partner InnoTecUK handed our promotional material for the TankRob project. The aim was to bring robotic solutions to the doorsteps of potential end users in the oil, gas and chemical industries thereby exposing inspection, maintenance and turnaround staff to market-ready solutions which can improve the safety and efficiency of their daily activities.

The roadshow proofed a huge success for the TankRob project consortium, as they were able to demonstrate to end-users just how its TankRob solution can provide rapid and accurate inspection tasks and possibly maintenance actions whilst ensuring cost savings for asset owners.

TankRob was promoted at the following cities and sites:

  • Böhlen, DCG (Dow)
  • Schwarzheide (BASF)
  • Geleen (Sitech)
  • Moerdijk (Shell)
  • Terneuzen (Dow)
  • Terneuzen (KICMPI – Smart Tooling Event)
  • Pernis (Shell)