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TankRob achieves the stringent ATEX and IECEx certifications!

Proud to announce the TankRob robotic platform has achieved the stringent ATEX and IECEx safety certification. 

This certifies that it can be deployed into live oil storage tanks and explosive environments without the expensive, time consuming effort of draining, cleaning, purging prior to NDT inspection. 

The robot was developed in partnership with Petrochemical industry experts and leading providers of NDT inspection services. The TankRob system integrates with state of the art phased array corrosion mapping and pioneering Sonar localisation developed by leading UK university research institutions.

Key Benefits:

  • ATEX safety rated – use with confidence
  • Inspection without draining storage tank – Saving cost
  • Rapid deployment – Saving Time
  • Fast, accurate movement – find areas of interest efficiently
  • On-board lights and Camera – avoid obstacles and identify features
  • Small size – deployment through standard hatches

Figure 1: TankRob Operational Deployment