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Project Objectives

In order to ensure a successful commercialisation for TankRob, five objective points are presented for partners to review at different product development phases. They are demonstrated as follows:

  • Design optimisation to allow for certification for use in explosive environments while minimising the manufacturing costs;

The system’s mechanical and hardware design should be optimised with respect to manufacturability and certifiability while maintaining its original size of 300mm. This will enable TankRob to be able to pass through trapdoors with diameter as small as 300mm which will make it suitable for inspecting 90% of storage tanks.

  • Control and ultrasound imaging algorithm fine-tuning and GUI implementation;

The algorithms for the system’s motion control and ultrasound scanning should be fine-tuned with respect to the new design and user-friendly Graphical User Interface will be implemented to facilitate ease of use.

  • Certification of TankRob;

TankRob’s key value proposition is its ability to perform in-service tank inspection which enables tank operators to achieve great cost savings by avoiding large downtimes associated with tank cleaning and venting. This feature will be realised by obtaining the Ex marking which is necessary to prove that the system can be safely used within flammable liquids such as crude oil.

  • Validation and qualification of TankRob in operational environment; and

The system’s performance will have to be validated in operational environment in order to prove its value to the end-users. These trials will take place in an oil tank in Tüpras (largest Turkish tank operator) facilities in Turkey according to an agreement already in place.

  • Establishment of TankRob’s distribution network.

The consortium should have reached a formal agreement with 3 distribution agents in the Baltic Region, China and Middle East where the largest oil tank farms reside.